Product Info & FAQs

I know, there’s a lot to look at! It can be hard to follow it all, so I’ll see if I can help explain it all! If you ever have any questions or want help ordering what you want, please never hesitate to message me on Facebook, instagram, or through email. I’m more than happy to help, I want you to get what you want! 

Pacifier Clips:

  • Each pacifier clip is made from silicone beads, a thin paracord, and a stainless steel clip
  • Why a steel clip? Stainless steel is the safest option over plastic or wooden clips. Wood can splinter if not treated, and plastic breaks easily. 
  • I use a series of knots under the beads to secure the clip and the beads into place.
  • I used to use 12 15mm beads for every clip. Since my business has grown and I’ve taken polls from my customers, I have since shortened them to 8-10 15mm beads (depending on the pattern) or 12 12mm beads. The clip comes out to about 6 inches from clip to end of beads, not including the loop. This length is better for little babies. I also do a lot of different sized beads together (mixing 12mm & 15mm beads). Almost any clip can be made this way, just be sure to specify that you want that in the notes or message me. 
  • If you are wanting the older 12 beads style, there is is listing for a “longer custom pacifier clip”. Then you can put the bead color choices in the notes section in your cart or message me. 
  • If you ever have ideas or want a certain color or pattern that you don’t see, please reach out, more than likely, I can do it! 
  • To clean your pacifier clip: please do not submerge your clips! It can ruin the integrity of the knots. So please wipe clean with a washcloth, using mild soap and water. 


 Chewy Teething Rings:

  • These are made with 15-16 15mm beads, along with 2 large rings
  • These can be made with solid or printed beads, but printed beads do tend to fade faster.
  • To clean your Chewy Teething Ring: DO NOT SUBMERGE. This can hurt the integrity of the string and can cause your teething ring to break. Simply wipe with a washcloth with mild soap and warm water. 
  • Like everything else, I can do these to your custom color needs! Just message me to chat about available colors.


Silicone Teethers:

  • These go great with the pacifier clips, all teethers can go on the clips.
  • These are safe to wash with soap and water, and can also be thrown in the freezer for added teething relief. 

Silicone Rainbow Stackers:

  • I have a variety of rainbow stacking toys, including my own design, the Child of God Rainbow
  • These are super soft silicone, easy to wash with soap and water.
  • They do not hurt if they're stepped on. (Yes, this is from personal experience!)
  • Rainbow Stackers make great decorations in addition to being toys, they look beautiful on shelves! I have even had a photographer use them as props!


Silicone Dinnerware:

  • Plates, bowls, cups, meal containers, collapsible snack cups, multi-use cups, forks, spoons, bibs.
  • I have all of these items, they may not be listed on the website. 
  • These are all dishwasher safe!


Reusable Coloring Mats:

  • There are 2 different styles of mats to choose from, farm and landmarks.
  • These come with a pack of washable markers.
  • Just color, wash, repeat!


Silicone Stacking Toys:

  • These toys are great for a variety of ages.
  • Silicone pieces are dishwasher safe or just use soap and water


Key Rings:

  • Key Rings are made with 18-20 15mm beads
  • You can also add things like rhinestone spacers, pearl spacers, letters, and focal character beads.


Bar Keychains:

  • These are one of my favorite things to make! Bar key chains are more sturdy and will last longer.
  • These can be customized with pretty much anything. If you can dream it, there's probably a bead for it!


Solid Silicone Key Rings:

  • These are one solid piece of silicone, with a metal key ring on it, I have a lot of colors in these, so if you're wanting a color you don't see, message me and I will see if I can find one.


Wine Stoppers and Bottle Openers:

  • Beaded wine stoppers and bottle openers can be washed, but I recommend hand washing gently with mild soap and really making sure they get completely dry. 



  • Just about anything can be put on a pen! These make great gifts. I can get any color of pen for these, just ask



  • These make great gifts for teachers! I have so many teaching related beads, if you have something in mind, message me and I bet I can do it!